TrueNAS alert on Cloud Task Failure

I use FreeNAS (now TrueNAS Core) as my backup destination for everything in my lab, I push these backups offsite to Backblaze on a schedule using Cloud Sync Tasks. This has worked pretty well for years but it was always annoying when I would check in on my backups and see failures on these tasks. Despite how basic the idea is, TrueNAS has never had a method to send an email on one of these failures.

I was recently going through and cataloging all of my backups better, documenting where everything goes, when, and ensuring all my boxes were actually being backed up. I decided to give it a google again and it seems that this feature was added in 11.3


  • To get these emails enabled we need to look in two areas and change one or the other (or both if you want to change more).
  • The first is “System>Alert Services” or /ui/system/alertservice. Here “E-Mail” is set at the default level “WARNING” and mine at least was already enabled.
  • The second area is “System>Alert Settings” or /ui/system/alertsettings. Scroll down to the last category “Tasks”, you will see that “Cloud Sync Task Failed” is already here with the level “ERROR” and frequency “IMMEDIATELY”.
  • You can choose to do like I did and lower the “E-Mail” setting to “ERROR” or change “Cloud Sync Task Failed” to “WARNING”. I chose to lower the email threshold to see what kinds of other alerts I may get.