Theming my code and Gist blocks in Jekyll

While the default code blocks are OK in this theme (Minimal Mistakes) I wanted something more “me” that blended better into the Dark skin. The official docs have section on Style Sheets and that is where I started, but there is no Nord theme so I ended up putting together my own.

This is less than perfect and doesn’t look the best but it gets the job done.

Once I started adding larger blocks of code that actually took effort to write I thought I wanted them to be a bit independent of my post. I ended up finding Github Gists. Gists are basically a pastebin server ran by Github that are quick to make, reference or share. Its a permanent, version controlled and can hold one or more files in each “gist”. It is all around a great solution to random files or scripts that done deserve a repo.

Adding a Gist into a page is pretty simple {% gist <gist id> [filename.ps1] %} but they appear as very blinding white blobs and that just will not do.


I had to google around a bit but eventually found another blog post on how to get these gists looking better. The main point to take away from this is that different parts of the code have non-sensical names like .pl-mdt or .pl-s and you just need to play around with the inspect tool to see what looks good. For what it is worth, I tried to match Vim colours where I could.

Below you will find the end result of my tinkering.